Current Location

I am currently in A PLACE CALLED VERTIGO . See blog for my latest updates.

Trip info

See the following pages or the rest of the page for info.


E-mail is probably the best way to contact me. I'd especially like to hear from you if you are also going to WYD or if you have any prayer requests.

I will also probably have a Portugese or Spanish phone # over there on my cell, so feel free to call that (obviously international charges may apply, but it will be cheap for me to receive your call!), especailly if you want to meet up over there. Stay tuned to the blog for what that number is.

Itinerary in brief


I'll be flying into Lisbon via London on August 12.

Bus ride to Fatima

Almost immediately after I land I will take an express bus to Fatima.


I will spend one night there, and take part in the 12th-13th of the month vigil. For more info, please see the links.

Bus ride back to Lisbon

I will take a similar bus in the early-to-mid-afternoon back to Lisbon.


I'll spend the next 24 hours or so touring around the Lisbon area, spending the night of the 13th there.

Overnight train

I will board an overnight train, and arrive in Madrid on the morning of the 15th.

Madrid (WYD)

Then we come to what was the original purpose of this pilgrimage, World Youth Day in Madrid. It would be difficult for me to tell everything that will go on here ahead of time, but please see the links for about all I know.

The events officially start on the 16th, but I will spend much of the 15th determining exactly where I'm supposed to sleep!

I will probably not be able to blog much from Madrid, but you can get more up to date info from the links.

I will depart shortly after the end of the main events on the 21st, possibly call into RotL, and probably miss GRACIAS.


That afternoon I will take a very fast, 300 km/h, train, known as the Alta Velocidad Espanola which will get me to Barcelona in about 2.5 hours; this will be about the fastest I've ever travelled on land, with only the Roma-Napoli run rivaling it.

Barcelona and Montserrat

I will then have a relaxing 3 nights in Barcelona, and also go to Montserrat (see links).

Trains into France

On the 24th I will take a series of trains (still need to book some) from Barcelona to Lourdes.


I'll finish off the pilgrimage by spending the night at Lourdes.

Flight home

Late the next day I backtrack slightly to Toulouse and fly home, and then it's time to get ready to start work!


DISCLAIMER: I provide these links in hopes that they will be helpful, but I cannot guarantee anything about them.





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